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Nail Cutting for your Cats

Nail cutting for your cat can be a breeze if you practise the following steps.

Start by making your cat comfortable. Play with your cat. Slowly introduce the clipper and its sound. Stand by some treats for your cat to reward it for every nail or paw trimmed.

Gently squeeze your cat’s paw to extend its claw. Be mindful not to clip the quick, clearly distinguishable by its pink area covering the nerves and blood vessels.

Clip the tip of the claw vertically in 1 smooth motion. File your cat’s nail gently after trimming to smoothen it, if necessary.

Give your cat a treat after each nail or paw trimmed. Praise your cat affectionately at the end of the nail cutting session for staying still and patient.

It is recommended that cats have their nails trimmed every 1.5 – 2 weeks for hygiene and easy movement around the house.

If you need help to boost your confidence in trimming your cat’s nails, reach out to us at 6242 4216 / 9619 1577 or book a professional cat grooming session with us at today!



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