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Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats originate from the USA state of Maine. They are the official state cat of Maine and are well-loved for their gentle and playful personality.

They are sociable felines, highly affectionate towards their owners and very accepting towards children and other cats in the family. With their above-average intelligence, Maine Coon cats are easy to train. Being sweet tempered giants, they adapt to any environment easily, so long there is interactive play and space to run around.

Maine Coon cats have a natural love for water and are strong swimmers. Their high energy levels require a larger diet to match and a home that is filled with fun and love.

Daily grooming of their coat ensures that their coat stays soft and silky. Fix an appointment to view our Maine Coon cats this weekend!

Contact or whatsapp us at 62424216 / 96191577 to schedule a viewing appointment for our other lovely cats. (Strictly by appointments only)

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