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Let your cats have some old school fun at home

Cats 😽 are playful creatures and natural predators based on their ancestry.

Their sharp vision 👀 catches every small movement in the house 🏠, while their playful and curious nature seeks out fun, play and adventure in every corner. Anything and everything can be a play item to your cat. Give them some household items to play with for cheap, old-school fun at home! 🧦

1️. Sock ball – roll up your sock into a ball for a fun game of catch with your feline friend.

2️. Toilet paper roll – give your cat a toilet paper roll for hours of independent fun.

3️. Old t-shirt – have an old t-shirt that is torn and tattered? Let your cat have fun clawing at the torn strips or hide inside to peek-a-boo through the holes.

4️. Paper shredder waste – before you throw your paper shredder waste away, let your cat have a go at it by pouring it into a cardboard box. You can throw in a few shiny balls or bells for a higher fun factor!

5️. Cable ties – colourful cable ties make for great fun during a rainy day. Tie a few of them together to form a long chain and use it to tease your cat as a cable tie wand. Alternatively, tie them up individually to form a circle before randomly placing them on the floor for your feline friend to explore.

6️. Cardboard box – cut a few holes in the cardboard box for your cat to snuggle in or play peek-a-boo.

7️. Plastic bottle – drop a few marbles or random coloured items or textures into a see-through plastic bottle to ignite your cat’s curiosity!

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