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How to keep your cat healthy and happy at home

Cats are naturally active and instinctively curious of their surroundings. Staying indoors can be a challenge for cats, given their exploratory nature. So, follow the following tips to keep your cat healthy and happy at home.

1. Ensure that your feline friend has a variety of toys with different textures, simulation purposes and colours.

2. Make time for daily bonding with your feline friend through play or grooming sessions.

3. Have a feeding routine for your feline friend, preferably around meals a day about 8 hours apart.

4. Provide 24/7 access to clean water for your feline friend to promote regular hydration.

5. Keep your feline friend’s litter tray clean and nice smelling, well located in a private and quiet space.

6. Consider getting a few cat-friendly plants for your feline friend to smell and rub on.

7. Invest in a cat tree to encourage your feline friend’s natural instinct to jump and climb without damaging your home furniture.

8. Install a cat window perch or put up a bird feeder at a nice warm spot outside a window for your feline friend to watch the outdoors while staying indoors.

9. Monitor your feline friend’s health and daily behaviour closely for any odd signs and be sure to send your feline friend for regular health checks with the veterinarian.

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