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How should you clean your cats ear?

While most cats do not require ear cleaning, doing a simple check of your cat’s ears during its grooming session helps to safeguard the overall hygiene of your feline friend.

If you notice wax build up, discharge or an odour when checking your cat’s ears, invest in a good quality ear cleaning solution for a thorough ear cleaning session for your cat. Choose a time when your cat is tired and feeling relaxed. Prepare some cotton balls or gauze and cat treats to reward your feline friend for completing the ear cleaning session.

1. Hold your cat gently and firmly in your lap.

2️. Warm the cleaning solution bottle with your hands before pulling your cat’s ear flap back to expose its ear canal.

3️. Place the recommended dosage of cleaning solution into your cat’s ears.

4️. Massage the base of your cat’s ears for half a minute to allow the solution to effectively clean your cat’s ears.

5️. Use a cotton ball or gauze to wipe away any visible debris.

6️. Release your hold on your cat, allowing it to move and shake its head for a minute or two.

7️. Use a cotton ball or gauze to clean any new debris dislodged by your cat’s movement and any excess cleaning solution on its ear.

8️. Praise your cat and reward it with treats before starting on the other ear.

If your cat shows signs of pain during the ear cleaning session, stop the session and consult a veterinarian.

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