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Designer Cats Supplements - High PotencyMultiple Vitamin & Mineral

Just as how we humans may not be getting the sufficient nutrients and vitamins 💊 we need for healthy growth, cats can face the same problem too. But fret not, for we now have Designer Cats Supplements - High Potency Multiple Vitamin & Mineral to ensure that our precious feline friends have a higher chance of living out the long, healthy life they deserve.

Our supplements are in powder form for easier, hassle-free consumption 😺 . You can either directly feed the powdered supplement to your cats or mix the supplement into your cat’s food. We recommend the latter as it doesn’t cause stress to the cat, which may lead to them developing an aversion to the supplement.

If your cat weighs over 2.5kg, you can give it half a spoon (1.6g) of supplement a day. If your cat weighs under 2.5kg, you can give it a quarter of a spoon (0.8g) a day. Our Multiple Vitamin & Mineral is suitable for both adult cats and kittens 🐾 .

Our specially formulated supplements will boost your cat’s immunity, vitality and gut health. They are great as added boosters to your cat’s meal. As the saying goes, “stitch in time saves nine”. It’s better to curb any deficiencies your cat may have early on rather than let them manifest into something more severe. Get your Designer Cats Supplements - High Potency Multiple Vitamin & Mineral here:



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