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Decoding Your Cat's Tail Language

Today, we’re here to help you decode the mysteries of your cat’s tails 🧐 . Even without meowing, a cat can convey a lot through their body language and their tails are one of the key body parts to take notice of, together with their ears, eyes and body posture.

🔹 Tail Straight Up or Curved Slightly: A happy, confident cat 😸 who’s inviting you to come interact with it!

🔸 Violent Tail Swishing: This usually means that your cat is irritated or angry at something 😾 . If you’re petting your cat and she’s thumping her tail, she’s probably signalling for you to stop and give her space or she’ll show her claws and teeth soon.

🔹 Mild Tail Twitching: The prelude to the swishing, this often points to your cat’s mild irritation. Your cat may also twitch the tip of its tail when it’s hunting or playing too!

🔸 Tail Tremors: These look like little tail vibrations and often happen when your cat is excited or happy about something 😻 . You might notice that they will stamp their hind legs too, as if they can’t wait for something.

🔹 Tail Low: Often accompanied by a lowered body stance almost as if they are crouch walking, this means that your cat is apprehensive and scared of something. We often see this behaviour when cats are exploring somewhere unfamiliar.

🔸 Tail Puffed Up: Normally accompanied with an arched back, puffed-up fur and hissing. This means that the cat is extremely scared, terrified even. They’re feeling threatened and are trying to make themselves look bigger 🐈 ⬛ .

Our cute fur babies don’t have the same ability to speak and communicate as we do. That’s why it’s important to understand their language, so that we can pinpoint any stresses or problems early on.

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Do your cats’ tails trill when they see you? Tell us in the comments!



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