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Brushing your cat

Regular brushing of your cat’s coat helps to keep it smooth and minimises fur shedding, while allowing you to bond with your feline friend and check for mites and other infections.

Start the session by gently stroking your feline friend with the brush. Brush the coat along the grain from head to tail with a fine-bristled metal brush to comb out loose fur and untangle mats. If your cat’s matting is severe, do seek professional help to safely remove it.

Be extra gentle and slow when brushing your cat’s underside. Stop if you sense resistance from your cat as some feline friends are sensitive with underside brushing.

Most cats enjoy being brushed if it is done correctly. Explore different brushes depending on your cat’s breed and coat. It is recommended for long-haired cats to be brushed once a day, while short-haired cats can be brushed once a week.

For premium cat grooming services, reach out to us at 6242 4216 / 9619 1577 or book a session with us at today!

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