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British Shorthair cat characteristics

With their muscular and thick frame, British Shorthairs look like cuddly teddies, but did you know that they were once bred as hunters to keep rodents out of barns and homes?

These calm cats don’t ask for much and they like to accompany you quietly. This is a breed that appreciates quality time and does not need your complete attention or constant stimulation. But don’t mistake their placidness for aloofness, because once they bond with you, they’ll follow you around from room to room like a Robin to your Batman.

British Shorthairs are perfect for those living in apartments as they are not hyperactive and enjoy being near you. They don’t like being picked up, however, and will stretch out their chunky legs as if to say no to being kissed. Which is cute as well, if you ask us.

They do, however, like being petted and having their heads stroked, much like most cats. While they don’t meow loudly, they can let you know they are enjoying your ministrations with audible engine-like purrs.

These shorthaired cats are not double-coated, which makes for easy grooming. However, their nutrition should be monitored closely as such a muscular and heavy-boned cat should eat well but exercise well too to make sure it keeps a healthy weight.

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