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Bengal cat characteristics

Bengal cats were first created in the 1950s through cross breeding an Asian leopard cat and a domestic shorthair cat. With a striking wild appearance from their leopard cat ancestry, Bengal cats got their names from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name, Felis Bengalensis.

An energetic breed, Bengal cats have longer rear legs and muscular bodies. Highly active and playful, Bengal cats love to climb and often astound their owners by perching at the highest point in the room. Having a cat tree or two at home, keeps Bengal cats happy and healthy as it satisfies their climbing instincts.

Smart and always alert, Bengal cats delight in playing puzzle toys and interactive toys to stimulate their brains. Bengal cats learn tricks easily and can be trained to fetch items for their owners. Given their wild and playful streak, Bengal cats enjoy playing in water. Their short coat requires minimal grooming care, making them an easy breed to care for.

Bengal cats will be most loving and happy in homes that encourage their high energy needs!

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