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Are scratching post important for the cats?

Cats are born predators with an instinctive need to scratch. Scratching allows cats to keep their claws well-manicured, while marking their territory, playing and managing their stress levels.

Without a scratching post at home, it is inevitable to see your home furniture destroyed by your cat’s natural scratching need and habit. Providing your cat with a scratching post will give your cat a focused outlet for its scratching needs and keep your home furniture safe.

Cat scratching posts come in different shapes, sizes, heights, textures and designs. The best scratching post for your cat will depend on your cat’s size and activeness level, while taking into consideration your space availability at home.

If you have multiple cats at home, do consider getting a cat tree or a multi-post for the combined fun of your feline friends. Above all, ensure that you get a scratching post that is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stretch its back completely.

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