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Are Fish Really Good For Cats?

It is a MYTH that fish 🍣 is good for cats. While most of our little felines would scamper over at the sound of a can of tuna opening, consuming lots of fish over long periods of time could cause multiple health problems in cats.

1. An enzyme called thiaminase🔬: Raw fish especially contains this enzyme which inhibits your cats’ ability to produce and absorb Vitamin B-1.

2. Bacteria🦠: Fish in general, has a shorter shelf life than other meats. They are breeding grounds for bacteria that are bad for your cat’s gut.

3. Fish in commercial cat food🐈🍔: Low-quality fish and using scrap fish parts means they contain high levels of magnesium and phosphorus, which can cause kidney and urinary tract problems when in excess.

4. Pollution🚮: Due to the rise in pollution in the ocean, many fish have microplastics present in their bodies. They also contain higher amounts of mercury and toxins which not only affect cats but humans too.

Of course, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, literally. Not all fish have the same nutritional value and some fish like salmon are better for your felines as an occasional treat. There are also other ways to incorporate the benefits of fish without the actual meat, like Omega-3 supplements. Feed wisely 😁!

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Does your cat go crazy over fish?



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