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5 Ways to catproof your electrical wires

Your cat probably sees herself as a ferocious huntress, and she’s probably right. Most of the time, anyway.

But there are things around the house that we don’t want them hunting and electrical wires are one of them.

Not only does it destroy the wires and render your cables useless, but worse, it could cause your cat to suffer an electric shock. The bits of wire and electricals could be a choking hazard to your precious fur-child too.

So here are some effective and cheap ways to cat-proof your electrical wirings.

1️.Declutter: Get rid of unwanted or unused chords.

2️. Wire covers: Plastic or rubber tubes to protect your wires, buy them or DIY them!

3️. Deterrent spray: You could buy these sprays at pet stores or make your own with citrus or herbal essential oils. (Cats hate them.)

4️. Velcro cable ties: Bundle your wires with these velcro wraps and tuck them into hard-to-reach areas.

5️. Double-sided tape: Cats hate sticky textures so wrapping your wires with double-sided tape will hopefully deter them and scare them off. You can remove the tape after a few days.

However, the underlying cause of your cat’s behaviour might be the lack of stimulation, so buy some interactive cat toys and switch things up from time to time to keep your cat occupied and away from your wires!

But do you know what’s good for your little huntress to chew on? Our raw gourmet packs and kibbles! Get them here:

Does your cat chew on your cables and wires? Let us know in the comments!

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