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Devon Rex

The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a unique breed of hypoallergenic cats because of their elf-like physical qualities and their beautiful wavy fur. They have huge ears and large, enchanting eyes, lending to their elf-like appearance. Personality wise, Devons are highly affectionate and playful cats that have no qualms about socialising with other cats and being near people. If you're looking for an active cat, Devons are intelligent cats that can learn how to play fetch. They are constantly curious and will want to be involved in any activity happening around them, even if it involves dipping into water. They are loyal to a fault and are highly attuned to their humans' emotions, making them a great companion.

Brief history of Devon Rexes

This breed can be traced all the way back to the year 1960 in Devon, England, where a tom cat bred with a domestic female to create kittens with wavy coats. Initially, the Devon Rex breed were believed to be related to the Cornish Rex and could be bred together to create wavy-coated kittens, however, attempts at breeding them produced straight-coated kittens which concluded that the two were separate cat breeds.



Devons have lean bodies and medium-fine boning with long, slim legs, small paws and triangular heads. They have large eyes and even larger ears, which is why they are thought of as the pixie-like cat breed. They have soft, wavy to curly coats that differ in density throughout the body, with the heaviest density of fur seen on their backs. They have some bare patches of fur, usually in areas where they groom themselves the most. Their tails are long and slim, and are covered in short fur. This breed is hypoallergenic.


General care guide

Devons are active and inquisitive cats that prefer jumping up on tall surfaces, so providing them with cat trees and perches are always a good idea. Their coats tend to be fragile and can break off upon grooming, which is why they do not require frequent grooming and brushing sessions. Care should be taken when grooming them to prevent excessive loss of fur, and this can be done by using a soft cloth to wipe their fur. Devons need to have their ears regularly cleaned to prevent waxy build-ups that may lead to ear infections. Other general health, nutritional, and dental care applies.


Interesting fact: Devon Rex cats are so intelligent and well-natured that they can be trained to walk on a harness and lead.

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