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Designer Cats


Fresh Gourmet, Nutritiously Healthy

 Manufactured By Raw Gourmet Singapore

We're excited to unveil a revolutionary addition to our lineup—our new line of slow-cooked gourmet cat food, meticulously designed to tantalize your feline's taste buds! Crafted with the utmost care, our gourmet meals feature only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, guaranteeing top-tier nutrition and irresistible flavour. Our unique slow cooking method enhances the flavour and preserves the nutrients, offering your cat a sumptuous dining experience that's both healthful and delightful.

This culinary innovation was inspired by the feedback from our valued clients, who expressed a preference for cooked options while still prioritizing natural, healthy diets for their cats. Understanding the diverse needs of cat owners, we committed to creating a cooked food option that aligns with our ethos of inclusivity and excellence.

Our Freshly Cooked Gourmet line boasts many of the same advantages as our raw food offerings—providing a supremely natural and nutritious meal free from artificial flavours and additives. It enhances digestion, minimises stool odour and volume, and promotes a lustrous coat, reduced shedding, increased vitality, and improved dental and urinary health. Each recipe is precisely balanced with 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% offal to supply every essential vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and fatty acid your cat needs to thrive. The careful slow cooking process ensures all nutrients are retained, making every meal a powerhouse of goodness.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enrich your cat’s life with our latest gourmet creation. Give your beloved pet the luxury of a gourmet meal that not only tastes fantastic but also supports their health and happiness. Treat your cat to the ultimate gourmet experience today and watch them purr with satisfaction!


Freshly cooked cat food in singapore
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Freshly cooked cat food in singapore


Raw Gourmet is committed to providing premium cat food made with halal meat and ingredients. Our dedication to quality and ethical sourcing is evident in every aspect of our product. Here's why Raw Gourmet takes pride in offering halal cat food: 

P.S Cats do not require to eat halal meat. It is only for the owners whose handling it. 

Discover the peace of mind that comes with our Halal-certified cat food—designed not just for your feline's health, but also for your comfort and assurance. While cats themselves don't specifically require Halal food, we understand the importance for our Muslim cat owners who prefer handling and serving meat that aligns with Halal principles. Our products offer transparency and confidence in the purity and ethical preparation of the meat, ensuring that every bite your cat enjoys is as pure as it is delicious. Treat your pet to the best, while honouring your values with our meticulously prepared Halal cat food.


1. Halal-Certified: Raw Gourmet's cat food is certified halal, meaning it adheres to Islamic dietary laws and is prepared in a manner that is permissible and pure. This certification ensures that the meat and ingredients used are free from any prohibited substances or processes.


2. Inclusivity: Our primary goal is to cater to all cat owners, including Muslim cat owners, who seek high-quality, halal-certified cat food for their feline companions. We believe that every pet owner should have access to safe and nutritious options for their pets.


3. Quality and Nutrition: Raw Gourmet prioritizes the quality and nutritional value of our cat food. We source only the finest halal meat and ingredients to provide a balanced and healthy diet for cats. Our products are formulated to meet the dietary needs of cats, supporting their overall well-being.


4. Transparency: We are transparent about our sourcing and production processes, giving Muslim cat owners confidence in the halal integrity of our products. We aim to eliminate any doubts or concerns about the raw meat used in our cat food.


5. Ethical and Responsible: Raw Gourmet follows ethical and responsible practices in the production of our halal cat food. We are committed to animal welfare and environmentally sustainable sourcing, aligning with the values of many pet owners.


6. Taste and Enjoyment: We want cats to not only receive nutritious meals but also enjoy them. Our halal cat food is designed to be palatable and appealing to feline tastes, ensuring that cats look forward to mealtime.


7. Health Benefits: Feeding halal-certified cat food can provide peace of mind to Muslim cat owners, knowing that their pets are receiving food that aligns with their religious beliefs and dietary restrictions.

At Raw Gourmet, we are dedicated to offering the best possible nutrition for cats while respecting the cultural and religious preferences of our customers. We take pride in being a trusted provider of halal cat food, allowing all cat owners to provide their pets with a wholesome and balanced diet.

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Explore our 6 scrumptious and nutritious fresh gourmet flavours, perfect for your cherished furbabies! More flavours will be available soon. Stay tuned guys. 

Click the link below to order now and treat your cats and kittens, aged six weeks and older, to a delightful dining experience.


Minimum spend for free delivery: $210 • Delivery charge $12 for orders below $210 • Delivery  from Monday - Wednesday - Friday • Same-day delivery cut-off time: 12pm

Self-collection at Designer Cats Products Boutique from 11am to 7pm daily

Vibes@East Coast, 308 Telok Kurau Road #01-28 Singapore 423858 Tel: 62424216 / 88700666

How To Prepare Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet


Cut open Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet packet. Each pack is 200g serves 2 - 3 servings.

Remove the appropriate quantity for the  serving and balance to be place in the chiller.



Thaw in the chiller or soak in warm water. Serve at room temperature or warm. Keep remaining portions in the chiller.



Serve at room temperature or warm. Prepared Fresh Gourmet can be left outside and your cat will grace through its food till fully consumed.



Feed 2 or 3 times daily - Intervals of 6-7 hours between meals. 

How to prepare the Fresh Gourmet 

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