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Open Positions:

Boutique Assistant 

Job Description:

You will be responsible for day to day operations at Designer Bengal Singapore and also ensuring that all stocks are accounted for. The well-being of our cats is very important - You will be tasked to take care of their daily needs. 

Required Skills / Experience;

  1. - Must be well-versed in English

  2. - Basic computer skills

  3. - Decision making (Ability to make right decisions quickly)

  4. - Communication and interpersonal skills (Ability to communicate effectively and positively with both colleagues and customers)

  5. - Customer service skills (Sets the tone for the rest of the employees and providing good customer service. Ability to resolve conflicts among colleagues if situation arises)

  6. - Dependability (Commitment to come to work on time and take care of necessary tasks)

  7. - Possesses high level of initiative and attention to details

Minimum Qualifications:


Minimum Work Experience:

2 years

Employment Type:

Full Time

Working Hours:

10am to 7pm, 6 days work week

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