Founded in 2010, Designer Bengal Singapore first started off as Singapore's first Bengal cat boutique located at Icon@Changi. The public could come and learn about the exotic Bengal cat, as well as to be educated about proper cat management and welfare.

As our business received online traction and more cat lovers flocked to our boutique, we moved to Jalan Besar and are now located at Vibes@East Coast.

We are also TICA (The International Cat Association) registered, certifying that our cats are genuinely pedigreed. The TICA foundation also aims to encourage research on feline health issues and greater awareness about cats and their benefits to their owners.


Licensed by Animal & Veterinary Services (AVS), we offer the best quality, healthy and gorgeous exotic kittens/cats for sale.

Breeds available: Bengal • Sphynx • Devon Rex • Munchkin • Scottish Fold • Maine Coon • Ragdoll 

We provide specialist training and guidance to all our clients to ensure proper guidelines are strictly followed when adopting our cats.

Our mission is to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and to find the best loving homes for all our gorgeous kittens.

Contact us at +65 6242 4216 or WhatsApp us at +65 96191577 for any kittens for sale enquires and to schedule a viewing appointment.

“For The Love Of Exotic Cats”

  • You are an animal lover at heart.

  • Everyone in your residence are animal lovers too.

  • You have thoroughly considered all the consequences when owning a pet.

  • Ensuring your house is properly cat proof. 

  • Knowledge about pet care, grooming and health.

  • Understands that owning a pet is a lifelong commitment.

Before buying our kittens and cats, you must fulfill the following criterias

About the Owner

Alfred Khan is a connoisseur of cats. Even before Designer Bengal Singapore, he always had an affinity for felines and other small animals alike. He has now 10 years of experience bringing joy to cat lovers locally and internationally with his beautiful bengals. The bengals are his favourite but his hairless sphynx, Gusto, is the apple of his eye. 


A charismatic man with a smooth sense of style, Alfred has a wide range of networks spanning across the world. He works and communicates well with people to ensure that all his clients and customers are fully satisfied and wanting more. He attributes his success to his hard work, determination and flexibility.


With the intention to make pet ownership easy for everyone, he is always innovating ways and integrating new technologies to revolutionise the pet industry. 

He is currently working on Petz.SG - a one stop online and mobile platform for everyone, pet owners and pet lovers alike, including business and vet clinics to ensure the animals in Singapore receive all kinds of love.

We invite you to visit us at our boutique

308 Telok Kurau Road #01-14

Singapore 423858
Entrance fee @ $5.00
per person for 20 mins